Thursday, January 25, 2007

Military Gore Tex

Fact and discussion data sheet for Gen II Military Gore-Tex uniforms as part of the ECWS.The US Army recently updated the issue gore-tex to meet with the new ACU system. The new garments tailored by Propper Intl. passed beta testing and are being introduced to field troops. The new garments are compliant with new AR670-1 specs and carry several improvments in fit comfort and user function over the previous issue.
Military Gore-Tex---Military gear with GORE-TEX® fabric adds to your mobility, sustainment and survivability by keeping you dry, protected, and comfortable on field maneuvers and in times of war. This legendary membrane technology, proven for more than 20 years in the field, is specifically engineered to form an impenetrable barrier against wind and water while maintaining breathability. It's the most field-tested, battle proven, windproof, waterproof, breathable fabric available.Trust military GORE-TEX® brand to deliver modular, mission-tailorable gear to all military services with these benefits:Keeps you dry: Water doesn't penetrate the waterproof military GORE-TEX® membrane, even when you lean against or sit on a wet surface. You get durable waterproof protection that keeps you dry in wet weather and a garment that stays durably waterproof after exposure to contaminants, continued use, and laundering.Resists contamination: Each military GORE-TEX® fabric is engineered to meet specific end-user needs while remaining durably waterproof, even after exposure to such common field contaminants as jet fuel, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, DEET, petroleum, oils, and lubricants. In laboratory testing that simulated field use, military GORE-TEX® fabric didn't deteriorate when contaminated.Keeps you comfortable: The high breathability of the military GORE-TEX® membrane lets moisture vapor from perspiration escape the garment, giving you increased comfort and more stamina with less exertion.Protects against wind: militaryGORE-TEX® fabric blocks the wind to keep you warmer and more protected on cold, windy days. It's also an effective barrier to sand, desert dust, and other particulates.Environmentally versatile: Through layering, military GORE-TEX® outerwear keeps you comfortable in temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees F to 80 degrees F, achieving the highest comfort possible over the widest range of climates and activities.Easy care: Keeping military GORE-TEX® outerwear clean is as easy as machine washing and tumble drying according to the manufacturer's instructions. No special detergents required.Look for the GORE-TEX® brand name to make sure you have the right gear. Through years of field testing and use, only products that carry the Propper military GORE-TEX® brand have been proven to provide the best comfort and performance for today's military personnel.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Military Gore-Tex

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